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March 13, 2007




Kip W

The first time I saw Julia Child was somewhere around 1971. I must have been home from school, and I was idly flipping the five available channels in search of amusement.

There she was, and I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought it might be a put-on. Here was this beefy woman, cheerfully handling a brain. It was a calf's brain, and not all that different in size from a human one. She blithely chopped it in two, washed it in the sink... she really went to town on that brain.

My favorite JC moment, though, was when someone asked what you do when the turkey you've worked on for hours falls from the serving tray onto the floor in front of your guests. "That's when you sweep it back onto the tray and go back to the kitchen, and you say 'Well, thank heavens I made that -other- turkey as well!'"


My professional chef/brother Fred worships Julia Child and was lucky enough (in his mind) to assist her in the kitchen a few times on some specialty shows. He does a super, yet worshipful, imitation of her. He may rank this as an experience above the birth of his three children.


I'll bet that gravy was...in the word of Rachel Ray, delish. I would eat more meat if most of the time it didn't often lack flavor or wasn't chewy. Deleterious byproducts, I think, of our modern food science attempts to make meat healthier. I heard the Food Network guy Anton say that the tasty pork that used to be available, referred to as lard pork, has been engineered out of the pig.

Dale Hazelton

Slow cooking your meat in a tightly covered cast iron pot goes a long way toward forgiving poor cuts of meat. But you started with the really good stuff. I've had certified "organic" poultry and meat from supermarkets but it just doesn't compare to farm-raised. Check out:


for other small scale area farmers and markets. Bobolink has some great runny cheeses, too.


husband of the hour?????

what time is it now?


In Julia's kitchen, not mine. nice recipe i will make this one but one thing that full one bottle of red wine is not too much for this dish anyway i will try that and see how its taste


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