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March 12, 2007


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Salad Days

I was under the impression that HPV has no cure in humans. If this gentleman does in fact have Lutz-Lewandowsky epidermodysplasia verruciformis, I think he is up shit creek.

I worked on the Wikipedia article a bit, and while adding sources came across this:


which sounds pretty grim.


I say screw it. He's just growing his own plate armor.

rev aaron

I was just listening to WFMU today and didn't hear anything about this.
they were just doing the pledge thing


If the condition is papillomavirus related, Zinc supplements my be beneficial.


10mg per kg per day. Zinc is a very common,cheap supplement with low toxicity. I used 50mg tablets of Zinc Gluconate to get rid of a stubborn case of foot warts. Take at night as high doses can make you queasy.

Wrapping the affected areas with duct tape over night may help to soften it for removal


I want to eat some of it. Hmmmmmm.... :)

i got yr lewandowsky und lutz right here


BlueBerry Pick'n

I can't stop scratching.


wasn't it mentioned that 'matter' dissolved in the 3 WEA solution... I wonder if it was matter trapped in, or actually the nail-like growths?

it seems as if the keratin or collagen is growing more on the glaborus tissues/areas with more contact abrasion.

What confuses me is why family or friends haven't filed down the brittle protrusions for him before he was incapacitated.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

He really should be referred to a "wow, this is gonna get me published" (or dare we hope to find?) charitable dermatologist.

Have you thought of contacting a Canadian medical university?


That's why I never wanted to be a dermatologist ;)

curt edwards

How did he get that sweater on?

Matt deCamp

I think a possible solution: it's called Squamous Cell Carcinoma presenting as cutaneous horn.

Here's more info: http://dermatology.cdlib.org/DOJvol6num1/unknowns/horn/horn2.html


Diagnosing a condition via a picture on the Internet? Where's Bill Frist when you need him?

But seriously, if some pre-med spots this and passes it on to the dermatology department at school, the guy just might get the real, professional help he needs.

If he does, I hope that somebody thanks WFMU.


Nothing than a good korean manicure can't take care of.

mikl paul

that is not Gods will.

Tia Marie

I'm an assistant to a Dermatopathologist I'm going to ask her what she thinks ^^


I'm God.
I didn't do that! I SWEAR!
For God's sake, when will you human beings stop nagging me for everything that happens in the world?

Have a nice day... or not. Only I know.

Hy Luu

That is awesome!


I am going to have nightmares from seeing that.


Honestly, I'm pretty dissapointed with some of the comments made by people here. It saddened my heart to look at this; this poor guy probably lives quietly in solitude, and feels isolated from the world. He may not ever know what it's like to have a partner. His only comforts probably come from that of his family and the people who help him. I just hope he continues to stay grounded and hopeful and doesn't lose his way.


I suffer from psoriasis and people are very judgemental about it. I really feel for this guy and hope that a treatment is found.


I wonder if it's anything like Psoriasis which is an auto immune disease.

Would too much TNF cause this kind of problem?


I am not a doctor, but this kinda looks like it's from arsenic poisoning, which can cause overgrowth of keratin on palms and soles of feet.

See picture on this page.

Maybe he, unlike the rest of his family, has some work exposure to arsenic, or uses an over-the-counter med or cosmetic containing arsenic?

Kristen R.

Intriguing and disgusting all at the same time. For this poor guy's sake, someone get to the bottom of this!



the invisible man

The disease description says that lesions appear on the skin, and manifest the growths over a long period of time (inferred) when exposed to the sun.


I'm a phd student in virology, my subject is cutane HPVs and this disease surely looks like Epidermodysplasia veruciformis (EV, a rare genetic disease. Probably this person has some mutations in one of the two EVER genes (coding for the TMC-6 and TMC-8 proteins). This makes him more suspectible to infection with certain types of HPVs. The HPVs then cause two sorts of lesions: a wart like type and a psoriasis like type. The wart like types can develop in skincarcinomas which is probably the case for this person. A biopt of his lesion would be a bless for my research but that is probably hard to get...

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