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March 28, 2007


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Holland Oats

not to mention having fred travelena as mc!


"Gangsta rap's most terrifying album cover." - Before I clicked, I just KNEW that it was going to be that Geto Boys album!

"(John Cage's mid-1960s group)" - Um, you mean Cale, not Cage....

Brian C.

Nice Moe Tucker post! I saw it was posted on dinosaurgardens.com by a cat named "Sluggo" and that a Sluggo was also thanked on my copy of Moe's "I Spent a Week there the other night" CD. Is that Ms. Carlton's pal Sluggo? (I mean, how many Sluggo's can there be?)

Martin Parodi

I've got some competition for that worst Final Countdown version title:


Kim Scarborough

Brian C.: I'm Dinosaur Gardens Sluggo, and I'm afraid I'm not the Sluggo thanked by Mo on "I Spent a Week There...". I wish I were! I've always wanted to meet Ms. Tucker. The only album I've ever been thanked on is Seksu Roba's self-titled LP/CD.

Clinton: Thanks for the link!


Whoops. Fixed my Cale/Cage mistake, and I added that other version of Final Countdown. Though I think the first one still wins. And I added a bit about Fred Travelena because his official website is just amazing (click on his name in the post).


The horror music link made me suddenly crave the theme to Prom Night (starring Jamie Lee Curtis), but I can't find it anywhere. Help, Resident Clinton!


DEVO shouldn't have to play second potato to Jermaine Jackson.


Mark, with regards to the theme from "Prom Night", does this page what you are looking for?



Oooh, nice find, Richard. My favorite on that page is actually the insanely catchy Skullduggery theme. I used to love that movie as a kid, it is completely wacked-out (and, I might add, freaking terrible).


Ooh, so close. I'm actually thinking of the other song in that film, with lyrics that go like "Prom night, everything is alright, 'cause it's (repeat)" Thanks!


I've got some competition for that worst Final Countdown version title:


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