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April 10, 2007


PoDcAsT MaRk

This is one supremely T-A-C-K-Y idea!


If I may suggest, to the young folks-be sure to give a wide berth to anyplace offering "kick ass jobs."


O.K. so my previous post was a little "pie in the sky." There's only so many "kick ass" jobs around. But let me say this: if you are interviewing, keep your head and be willing to compromise on the "kick ass" part. There is no shame in a purple nerple with full medical. Be willing to start small. Checking the safety bars of the primered muscle car tilt-a-whirl may be your in. But make sure they know you are serious about landing that gig performing maintenance on the animatronic mosh pit.


yep, Scribbler, I'm sort of imagineering a phalanx of japanese tourists taking photos of an animatronix Sid Viscious repeated plunging a syringe into a plastic Nancy Spungeons arm whilst the synthetic Johnny Rotten warbles a ragged version of "it's a small world after all". Small indeed.

Cheese Snob Wendy

Many years ago Ben Stiller had a brilliant, short-lived sketch-comedy show, entitled "The Ben Stiller Show." One of my favorite bits was about a new amusement park called "Oliver StoneLand" (or was it Oliver StoneWorld?) Attendees could ride Mr. Morrison's Wild Ride, a sort of funhouse/haunted house and the cars you sat in were bathtubs. Then there was the animatronics JFK Hall Of Justice, with a courthouse robot repeating "Back and to the left..."
Maybe the creators of Hard Rock Park are familiar with this bit; but what they fail to see is, Mr. Stiller was MAKING A JOKE.

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