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April 25, 2007


Listener # 109577

Gotta agree with the original poster about Imus:

"Don Imus may be an asshole, but he's our asshole. Deal with it."

Even earlier Imus material than this (1200 Hamburgers To Go) features him making obnoxious prank phone calls to businesses in the course of his radio show -- just the kind of record that Michael Shelley likes to finish most of his shows with.

This is not a defense of Imus -- I can't stand to listen to him myself -- but he really is the unbearable Id -- the undeniable worst -- of most of us honky assholes.

Listener # 109577

PS: Sorry, Clinton, to be the first to comment on this post, with an Imus-focused response. You deserve better.

fatty jubbo

Clinton- make sure to get to Chicago a week earlier than the Buffy Sing-Along...because we are having a GREASE SING-ALONG AT THE THEATRE!

I have to admit- Grease is my big guilty pleasure.

Smooth Johnny S

My God! What the hell is that picture?

Resident Clinton

It's the cover to "Been Caught Buttering", which I believe is stolen from a photo by Joel Peter-Witkin.


hmmm Soul Kiss..
Are you sure that's not Jayne County?


I thought Soul Kiss was fine. But I was somewhat older than twelve at the time. Maybe the crush lasts longer from seventeen or so. I was the same age as the first guy she married, but not quite as pretty. Yet the crush goes on.

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