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May 02, 2007


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I have tears of joy as I am writing this (OK, not really). I again have a copy of "My Bathroom (is a very special place)"! It had been deleted accidentally several months back, and now it's back in my collection, where it belongs.

"Now at last I can really be me"!

Pinball King

This is good but "Chevrolet Sings of Safe Driving and You" blows this away.


A great, great album. The melody of "Look at This Tub" would have been right at home in an '60s Anthony Newley musical. Wonderful!

Listener Kliph

I always wanted this ever since first seeing it mocked on Late Night with David Letterman courtesy Steve Young and "Dave's Record Collection."


At last! The world will hear that "Proximatics" is the true hit track.

Joe Gjonola

I am glad you enjoy this album, and that you especially enjoy "My Bathroom" because my Mom is the singer on that track - and others.
Best Regards,

i love the song MY BATHROOM! The women singing is a very close friend of my family! We love her very much!!
~Love Hannah Ellison

Alan Dunn

anyone tell me what label this music is on please?

Jonathan Ward

It is not on a label - it's a private pressing.

Dave B

I'm gonna burn a copy of this for my plumber

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