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May 06, 2007


Reverend Dan

Ahhh...so this is the record that Boyd Rice and Daniel Miller used for the NON track "Cleanliness and Order"!

pea hix

oh yeah! i forgot to mention that! i live a few minutes from lemon grove, where boyd hails from, so maybe this record is a local thing down here... though this is the only copy i've ever run across...


he i actually got a very very old new wave song from waaaaayyyyyy back where they use this record!!! it's from an old cassette of mine and i have no idea who made that song but if you would like to have it just let me know and i'll send it to you ok!!! best wishes from bandung, indonesia henk madrotter


This is the creepiest thing I have ever heard in my life!

candycane dreamer

i want to use this in a film i am editing, brilliant, starshine in a darkened night, just you go and rest now honey in the dream room, you know they're are real stars in there.

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