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May 22, 2007



wow. im not sure how this happened (the new bin at WFMU is quite a long way off..) but "Jessica" is MY ANT!!
i'd recognize that ant anywhere (and HIS name is Warren not Jessica, btw)
He wandered away from the grounds in early May ..we've been worried sick.
May we have him back? I'm sure he misses us.


He's right.
You can see from the ASHCam [East] image: that is not the real thing, but a (convincing) transvestant look-alike.

Bronwyn C.

See, Listener Spacehoof, this is just the sort of thing we hope to prevent by requiring prospective owners to fill out the adoption questionnaire. How did Warren "wander away?" Was he off-leash? Is your yard fenced? Was he wearing a collar, and did he have a tag with your phone number on it? (The WFMUADD does not advocate microchipping, as it interferes with the wee itty-bitty radio receivers.) I don't mean to sound critical--I don't know the exact circumstances under which Warren disappeared, and I do empathise with your loss--but we hope to place our WFMU ants with owners who will take care not to allow them to wander.


Warren is one of our prized Show Ants (he's been carefully selected for his physical beauty and his
appreciable skills as an aphid herder.) Our compound here in upstate NY is fenced but we're thinking Warren escaped through the front gate which was left open by bible salesmen. This would have been on Weds, May 2.
That he made it to WFMU is a real surprise. Do you have aphids? An aphid infestation can attract ants from quite
a long distance. (side note: please keep him away from any Leafcutter ants. oh, and Warren has a mealworm-honeydew intolerance. [he's on insulin for this].)
I'd really like to come down to pick him up at some point.


You could have some of mine except that I haven't seen one of them in a few days. They had been hanging around the kitchen sink and earlier, my bathroom, every day for the past two months. I have two kinds: the larger and the smaller black ants. Maybe the Combat I bought two months ago is actually working by now. Maybe they have just moved on. If I can catch them, and the large ones are really easy to catch (they like to sit out in the open, asleep? , until you get real close to them) I've been escorting them outside. I haven't intentionally killed any of them (unless you count any "accidents" that happen as I wash dishes, walk around, take a shower...)


Who will be primarily responsible for the ant?

The other ants

Are there any other ants living in your home?

See above.

Did you know that a zookeeper in Argentina was killed by an anteater last month? Really.

It wasn't leftist rebels?

Do you understand that the non-refundable adoption fee is non-refundable?

Does that mean I can't get a refund?

Are you aware that the ant you are adopting is required to be spayed/neutered?

I am now.

Can you figure out how the heck you’re going to do that?
(NOTE: The non-refundable adoption fee does not include the cost of the ant’s spay/neuter.)

A really, really teensy chainsaw.

Do you understand that the ant will be fitted with a teeny-tiny radio receiver before leaving WFMU?

It had better be.

Type of home you live in: Messy __ Dirty __ Disgusting __ Sticky with Filth __

Call Hazmat. Try to remain calm.

Where would the ant be left alone, and for how many hours a day?

The ant will be left alone all the time. I promise not to bug it. No pun intended. Okay, maybe a little.

Have you previously owned an ant?


If so, what happened to it?

Once I was through training it, it migrated to Texas and now heads the largest colony in metro Houston.

What is the primary reason you want an ant?

Doesn't everyone?

Are you aware that behavioral problems such as scuttling, climbing, and crawling in the trash may occur once the ant is taken home?

As long as it doesn't track mud on my nice clean floor.

Under what circumstances would you not keep the ant?

When they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Dave the Spazz

Last night Bob Shannon and Connie T. Empress (obviously inspired by your posting) donated a cast iron ant to WFMU. The ant can be found on the back wall of Studio A between the picture of Shoobie Taylor and the Michael Jacksons.

Arthur Vark

You should note that sterilization is not necessary unless you adopt a winged male (all males are winged- a queen will have wings up until after her mating flight, when she removes them), or a queen, or Adam.

Worker ants, in other words all of the others, are wingless, sterile females.

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