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May 20, 2007


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» Cartoon: A Fair(y) Use Tale from netZoo
Found this excellent satire/mashup via WFMU blog Apparently its been up on Stanford CIS blog since March. In it, cartoon characters from Buzz Lightyear to the Little Mermaid explain copyright law. Professor Eric Faden of Bucknell University pro... [Read More]


Golden goat

That was excellent! I wonder why they didn't use any Mickey Mouse...


Thanks for posting this. I couldn't get any of the sourced links to load when I tried earlier.

Jim C.

The idea sounds cool, and the idea of using clips as "fair use" is a clever gimmick, but the result is practically unwatchable. That makes it a complete failure in communicating its point.

Masterpiece. NOT.

sebastian brahm

it's great. they even repeat some texts to tune you in. i think it works.

Vic Perry

It was very easy to follow because of their care to repeat the hard-to-understand bits. Terrific. My favorite word/image was "domain."

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