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May 10, 2007


Dale Hazelton

No, it couldn't.
As much as you may feel sympathy for your double-dipping friend, it's fraud. And while it may seem like a drop in the bucket in the big picture, it's just one more reason the MTA keeps asking for rate increases.


Ever heard about that quaint old "innocent until proven guilty" concept Dale? It seems totally plausible to me that--as Ms. Scroggins' lawyer claims--she was indeed drumming with only one arm at those shows. Maybe it's just me, but I like my bus drivers to have both hands firmly in control of the steering wheel.


"But yer honnah, it wuz a Def Leppard tribute band"... queue the sound of a one armed rim-shot.


Well if you're seriously expecting somebody replying to a blog post to research Ms. Scroggins' lawyer's claims of one armed drumming, and if you're going to chew them out for it, then you could at least have checked youtube first where there are many clips of ESG performing in the september 06 to january 07 timeframe. Here are a couple where you can clearly see quaint old two armed drumming.



As much as I like ESG I don't see why why the MTA should subsidise their sojourns to Europe.


Maybe if the arts were subsidized they wouldn't be dominated by no-talent trust funders


It takes very little shoulder movement to play the drums. And the shoulder movement that it does take does not put very much stress on the shoulder joint. Unlike say, turning the wheel of an 8 ton bus at slow speed. They are an entirely different range of motion.

In the videos Stursky posted she barely raises her arms and she never is putting her shoulder under rotational stress.

Listener James from Westwood

Tough to make a call without reading the medical report detailing what movements or stresses the doctor described as within or outside her capacity. More evidence needed.

More speculatively, the occasional high-profile bust makes the MTA look like it has its finances in order to get the spotlight off of them. They're "doing something" by cracking down in this case.

In any event, lawyers have the strongest chance of making the most green from this case, not the MTA or those who fund it.


It says the MTA investigator came to Europe and had her sign an autograph at an ESG show. So, it cost the MTA, what, $20,000 to hunt down Valerie on her $13,000 alleged comp scam? I'm jumping some turnstiles!

Chris R.

And if you get mugged for $20 and it costs the police $100 to catch the guy, well, why bother then, right..? Great logic.

Dale Hazelton

What if they caught her driving the tour bus? Now THAT would be funny.....


Good drumming is in the wrists, nothing to do with the shoulders. Just watch Charlie Watts or Ziggy Modeliste.

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