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May 03, 2007



The link to "babe we're not part of society" is broken. I remember back in 90s Johann used to play this single on his show a lot. I also vaguely remember him smashing a copy of it during a marathon. Great Stuff!


Hey ! Thanks for "society" guys. A long time pube favourite.


Er, "Dick" sports a fascinating resmblence to (of all people) Garth Hudson of The Band. Just sayin'.

Grandpa Scorpion


According to this site: http://www.jasonjhall.com/huh/armand/

Armand's first record was:

1963 - With the band Kack Klick
7 inch - Lord My Cell Is Cold/One More Day and One More Night


People still talk about the show Puke, Spit and Guts played with the Mentors. The opening band? Teen Idles, who were on their ill-fated West Coast tour. Imagine what El Duce and Dick Head made of Ian MacKaye, and vice versa.

fatty jubbo

Thanks for the Schaubroek! I have been obessively listening to Ratfucker for the past two weeks while staring at the cover of "a lot of people would...".


whoa, that korean song is beautiful. i thought it was going to be some insipid over produce modern top 40 song. this is quite charming. thanks.

Zach Brady

Ollie Byrd, always plays with this-guy-I-know's band, formerly The Medics, presently LeRug, kind of indie pop shoegaze. Worth checking out.


So, a year and a half later, I have to thank you guys for putting me up on that puke, spit, and guts record. It's possibly one of the most offensive yet more amazing albums that I've ever listened to ever. Eat Shit, squares!

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