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May 07, 2007



Badd Mann Dann Rapp: The guy loses a bar at about 1:30 and doesn't catch up until 2:55. On King Monkey Rapp, he does it again almost immediately, so gives up, dropping the rhythmic style mid-take for a more 'spoken word' style. Ha Ha. No retakes for *this* freak.

The LemonPeople

"Badd Mann Dann Rapp"... mmmh, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' "Stagger Lee" (from the Murder Ballads album) anyone?

Goyim in the AM

It's much older than that, and Nick Cave would confirm -- it's a version of the "Ball of the Freaks", which has been around since the beginning of the 20th Century.


"King Monkey Rapp" is a version of the ancient oral-tradition rap "The Signifying Monkey." Rudy Ray Moore's kept it alive over the decades, and Schooly D did a version as "The Signifying Rapper" in the '80s.

king mc

wow i remember this
but we were the first west coast rap lable on the west coast
for mor in fo google rappers rapp records.

king mc

on second thought you are right
they beat us by a year

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