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June 12, 2007


billy jocl

Now I wish I'd recorded some of it, but there used to be a dollar theater in Bangor, Maine, that had the best messages ever. They were made by snotty, give-a-care teenagers, whose sense of responsibility toward making them was evident in the fact that weeks would go by sometimes before they were even updated. When they were, they were read with incredibly sarcastic enthusiasm--picture Steve Martin's "well excuuuse me" applied to a movie title. One made today might go: "Oceans...THIRTEEN! Starring, oh boy--George Clooney! And hey, it's only....(amazed) 117 minutes long! Wow! Showtimes are at seven.........thirty! and 9:35!" And every time they mentioned if you "bring your own bowl" you get a discoount on popcorn, they of course lingered leeringly on that phrase. I was sorry when they closed down, even though I had never gone.


I personaly have always loved to call WI Dells drive in...the sound of the mans voice reading off the double features & price to get in......he let me know the long anticipated summer was here.

Dale Hazelton

Elmers inclusion of "Real Reedsburg Butter" in his rhapsodizing forced me to google the phrase, and if you get on a plane RIGHT NOW, you'll still have time to enjoy the Reedsburg Butter Festival, which is, coincidentally, happening this week!


When I was a kid you could call the local brewery and get the automated weather and boating forecast. We were also on a 4 or 5 person party line up to the late 60's (we were three long rings!) and it would have been cool, albeit illegal, to record some of the neighboring biddys bashing each other. There must be tons of this stuff out there, but unfortunately only a few with great wisdom ever record and save it. If only I'd known....

Hear It Wow

Thanks so much for more Badger Phone. Part of "Secret Garden" made into the edit of my show's opening, and it's become a sort of secret handshake among the fans.


Wow, five dollar movie tickets.

Alan Smithee

"Video" quality at a theater, and this guy OWNED the place?? I like how he forgot to cut the machine off at the end of that last one. I once called a theater and heard someone stumble on a title, shouting "What's the name of the fucking....FUCK!!!" followed by a slamming sound. Wish I'd recorded that one.
I actually did the phone announcements at a theater I worked at for a while, I tried to make them interesting without being too obvious about it.

I would go to the Badger Theater in the Early 80's and Elmer would make us spit out our gum in his hand before he'd let us enter the theater....also I remember the fountain in the corner...it was one of those oil based/water fountains.


In 1993 i became hooked on calling the answering machine of the Badger Theatre in Reedsburg Wisconsin to hear proprietor Elmer Krueger's self penned description of each week's feature presentation

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Remember going here as a kid...great memories of the place. Loved the old history of the place along with JFK when he came through Reedsburg, WI to campaign and spoke at the theater in 1960.

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