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June 16, 2007


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It sounds like Bill wants to fuck his sister and he's jealous of her boyfriend.

Kip W

Speaking of requests, how about "Vertigo" by Jay Livingston & Ray Evans? It was recorded as a demo to help publicize Hitchcock's upcoming movie, but doesn't seem to be on the web anywhere. In this wondrous future day we live in, there must be somebody who could furnish an mp3 for us culture lovers.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


"bill, you playa hata, she ain't a 'ho, she's a biatch".

BTW, post war dad is denying and projecting something fierce, huh?


I have the "Sex For Adults" LP (the cover is currently displayed prominently on my bedroom wall) and I've always wondered what the Kids and Teens versions might sound like, since the Adults LP is closer to pornography than anything educational. It starts out with a couple visiting a doctor to discuss their sex problems, but as the record progresses the doctor goes into ever greater graphic (yet oddly poetic) description of what loving adults can do to pleasure each other. I'm looking forward to checking out just how dirty these teens get ...


Hola Otis,
Ha! I might have known this (sex for teens) would turn up here. I've been using it and Sex Explained For Children (which is fantastic, by the way) for over 20 years on the radio and anywhere I can. This year's 365 Days seems to be rounding up a lot of the better sex-ed records. Nice to have them all in one place for people.


i downloaded this 3 days ago and yesterday i was listening to the cloudead album(anticon label) and heard a sample from this vinyl on pt 4. side A. what a coincidence heh. i guess a lot of people have sampled this


This record is sampled by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
On a single off the "Now I Got Worry" album I think. Ad Rock scratches this record above a song with them called "COOL VEE".



If there was ever a record begging to get sampled...

This is it... walkthough though

I sometimes wonder where the special=FX laden crew splashed down with blah blah blah we're all hungry

Ronald Rios

"It sounds like Bill wants to fuck his sister and he's jealous of her boyfriend."

hahahahah yes indeed.


probably most famously sampled by Beck on the hit track "Where It's At".

((probably most famously sampled by Beck on the hit track "Where It's At".))

Where in "Where It's At" did he sample?


((probably most famously sampled by Beck on the hit track "Where It's At".))

(Where in "Where It's At" did he sample?)

Here are the parts used in the song.

"What about those who swing both ways? AC/DCs?"

"We're all part of the total scene"

"That's beautiful, Dad."

Where It's At info and Lyrics

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