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June 19, 2007



Kind of reminds me of 80s John Cale.


Hey, I have this single! Hisao sent it to me when I had a fanzine, about 25 years ago. Never knew that much about the man, but I recognized his photo immediately. Yes, the photo was on the pic sleeve for the single. And yes, I believe it was his own label. Thanks for the info!


I love this guy! He used to perform at a coffeehouse in San Pedro once a week or more in the early 90's. I believe this song was meant sarcastically, but in general he was a pretty earnest guy.


"More Money More War" was Hisao's song that he and Gen Morita, his manager at the time, made a 45 rpm demo record of. It was sold out of a record store in Hollywood, on Western Avenue, and one copy made it's way to Milwaukee, where it rose to number one on the charts (I saw the newspaper). "A" side was English, "B" side was original Japanese. He and I translated one night at a friend's apartment in Hollywood overlooking the Hollywood Freeway.

Most of the English version is my work. "Human Computer," I wrote for Hisao. This version was recorded at Scotti Bros. Recording studio in Santa Monica after Hisao won the MTV Basement Tapes contest with a video that he and his friends put together of a song called, "Happy Weirdo", which I wrote in the telephone terminal of Western Airlines at 550 WWW, a few days after my daughter, Monique, was born. It was originally about me, but it fit Hisao so perfectly, that it became his. As always, it's HIS music. Good stuff, his music.

At that session, he recorded three new songs. "Human Computer," a new version of "Happy Weirdo," and a new song we wrote in an all-niter because he needed a fourth, "Wires."

The catch was, we had to promote the record. We had no dough.

Hisao knows everyone in the industry. Johnny Cash even wrote a song for him, "I Wish I Could Yodel." Haven't seen Hisao in years. Love the guy.

If you can find it, (on his site?) catch his movie. It's good.

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