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June 10, 2007


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I just picked up a copy of David and the Four Skins "Heatwave/Sweet Elaina" on Breakaway Records. Anyone interested? I live in Indiana and have never heard of "The Four Skins" from above. Where were they from in Indiana?


I had downloaded most of these songs from your website years ago and they are as familiar to me as Beatles songs at this point. There are no words to encompass the gratitude I have to you for introducing them to me. I have no idea where I would be without Cheese Day in Monroe.

Thanks from saving these treasures from the bowels of oblivion!

John Baker

Spyder, David and th Four Skins were from Davis, CA, my hometown.

Thom Campion

I'm no newbie to these sort of things, but the zip download of the whole thing will not properly unzip for me, and the torrent won't download at all. Can someone provide some sort of update that will allow me to download this collection? I'm very keen on hearing it. Thanks!

Thom Campion

Success! Please ignore my previous request & thanks for the upload!

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