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June 07, 2007



Gotta be Terre T's?


I want to see what the top of the case looks like!
Unfair contest. I protest! :)


Wow, that's a lot of pills.

Doesn't that much vitamins give cancer or something?

Must be someone training... i wonder who that is...


The pill-pak is actually called "Vita-Carry", that's what it says on top. It belongs to neither Terre T nor a DJ in training. It belongs to a DJ currently on the air. Keep guessing...


Tony Coulter

michael c

Billy Jam

Ron D

Wm Berger?


That sure looks like a "rough mix" so I'm gonna go with Steinski.

Listener #109577

Bob Brainen


I couldn't possibly know who the pill pusher is in the office just looking at this picture. Need more clues. Looks like innocuous Omega-3 pills, Centrum, Asperin and.........morning after pills?

michael c

i was too lazy to look at the old answers, so i retract billy jam. My new guess is Frank o'Toole


This should be easy--I can't imagine your typical FMU DJ wants anything to do with vitamins. So who isn't your typical WFMU dj? Darn. None of them are really typical. So, that leaves just blind guessing.

Joe Belock.


Glen Jones.


Wow, slow going! And I'm a little surprised at how many of you are not venturing a guess. OK, a hint: weekday DJ (and I do mean day).



Brian B.

How about Brian Turner?

Listener Paul

Second guess here. Maria Levitsky.



Listener # 109577

Second try -- Station Manager Ken (and the Missus loads the pills).


You win Listener #109577!! That was Ken's Vita-Carry - email me to discuss your winnings.

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