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June 14, 2007


michael c

if it's not Tom Scharpling I will eat a bug, or eat at kfc/taco bell.


Hope you've got a good appetite and a forgiving palate, Michael C.

weeble warble



Andy Who?

Station Manager Ken

Exactly! Andy WHO? This is the question I've been asking for years.


Andy Breckman


Citizen kafka


Frank Balesteri




Sorry, been offline for awhile! Anyway, Weeble Warble and Sara, it looks like you both win. Weeble Warble, I think you meant Andy Breckman, but I can think of 3 other FMU Andys off the top of my head. And then Sara scooped you following that massive hint by Andy Breckman's cohost -- I think he must still be upset that I spilled all his pills for last week's game!!
Anyway, congrats to both of you! Please drop me an email so we can discuss getting your prize out to you.

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