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June 11, 2007



I think what's being implied by some of the posts above is that WFMU should or does have a canon and certain things are in and certain things aren't, permanently. I think the very ideas of permanence and canonicity are antithetical to what WFMU is supposed to be and a state of perpetual flux is more desirable.
I think a costume representing the sun setting on the British Empire says more about the cultural feedback loop we're all experiencing/trying to escape from here in the new century. There are absolute limits to the expansion of an economy predicated upon the maximization of profit. Who's outide of it? The Ebu Gogo maybe? Sasquatch? Where would Alan Lomax go with his tape machine in 2007?I think the idea of dressing as an event rather than a personage embraces the reality of the cultural feedback loop and is a move in the direction of a set of relations that none of us, myself included have experienced.

That, and IMHO invoking your pledge is just bad form.

Brian George


"I think the idea of dressing as an event rather than a personage embraces the reality of the cultural feedback loop and is a move in the direction of a set of relations that none of us, myself included have experienced"

Please. Come on. Is there some sort of shared hallucination going on here that nobody told me about? What exactly is a "cultural feedback loop"? Are you talking about the Oprah Winfrey Show??

If Alan Lomax were alive today hopefully he'd run for the hills, like all of us should. Better to hide in the hills from unbalanced people "dressed as events" then to be swallowed alive by the cultural feedback loop.


Somehow I don't feel a flight or flight response when I look at someone in an elaborate and novel movie inspired costume. I don't think you do either. Alan Lomax already ran for the hills, with a tape machine decades ago. Thos same hills are strip mines and condos now. The fact of a closed set of cultural influences seems to run parallel with the material reality of no new pools of labor to introduce industrial work to. Isn't it the first or more likely the second generation after families have graduated from tennant farming that augments traditional folk music into things like jazz and Rock and Roll?
After which the new industrial classes realize that while it may be abetter deal than working the fieds from sun to sun that it's still somehow less than ideal. It's that initial introduction to industrial work where owners can expect to compensate folks the least. Well the world economy is running out of populations to introduce to industrial work. When mode of economic production approaches the absolute limits of it's expansion that is also reflected in cultural output. This is illustrated by the Boston song that became the Pixies song that became the Nirvana song etc.


Jeez. You guys need to get some fiber in your diet.


The "Cultural Feedback loop" I'm talking about is similarly illustrated by the name of this blog, adapted from presumably Beware of the Blob! Similarly with the movie Grindhouse or goofy low budget cop movies from the 80's or peoples preocupation with the culture of the ever more recent past generally.

Brian George

so, that's what the "cultural feedback loop" thing is all about.




a friend of mine sent me the link to this page, the 'battle of endor' costume is sheer GENIUS!!!!

anyways, thought you might like to take a look at the site we made for our halloween party in denmark last year: the invite was an eyeball in bag that we gave to everyone, and we made all the props and costumes over about six weeks. Now my buzz costume has had a recent revamp this year (new wings/plaster body/glow-in-the-dark green etc) but that's after, so no photos...

the site is www.2floorsofterror.com

i hope this doesn't come across as some kind of advertisement!!


Dave T. Smith

Thanks to you and others for the vote of brilliance there.
Your party invite there reminds me of a Punk/Halloween party Mark (the very same blog-poster above) and I threw in high school. We all wore trashbags after the Plasmatics if I remember correctly. For refreshment we made an absolutely hideous copper green cake with dirty pink icing. It was all homemade and we didn't have powdered sugar on hand and used regular, making the icing very gritty. Also, there was also one of those styrofoam wig head stands with multi-colored toothpics stuck in at odd angles with little sausage and cheese slices. But what caused me to laugh as hard as I think I ever have was a Cupey doll partially submerged in a pool of red Jello. The doll was boyant and had to be partially filled with the warm Jello mixture to keep it from floating while the gelatine set; there was an opening at the doll's crotch where this occured. During the party, Mark's friend William reached right in and pulled the doll from the Jello and started squeezing and licking the blood-like semi-fluid from the dolls crotch. It was the single most disturbing and outrageously funny moment of my young life up until that point.
Anyway, I hope you check back in to read this soon. Okay. See ya.


That first comment is a real doozy. I'd like to know what crawled up that poster's... nevermind.

Awesome article, though. Not my cup of tea, but very interesting to read about.


Pero que le pasa a esta gente?

Dress forms NY

wow. they're disturbing yet interesting. hmmm...

character costumes

really a peculiar one!


wow - who'd have thought dressing up would create such an emotive reaction! great work all the same!

ivahn Aguilar

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I am a great fan of Star Wars Costumes and I have a vast collection of star wars costumes. I give a round of applause to Dave Smith for his fetish art in his mastery over the elements for shaping costumes in different designs. I like Death Star 2 costume; it looks like a space ship. http://mystarwarscostume.com/


Hey, awesome Dock Ock costume. I'm trying to make one myself. Can you tell me what you used to make his pinchers? Thanks.

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