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July 03, 2007




You have crossed off two, nay, THREE long lost Thrul Ravenscroft Christmas songs that I've been searching for!

Thanks Bob! Thanks Otis! Thanks 365 Days!
Thank you movie house, thank you emporium, thank you you wonderful ol' building and loan!


thanx so much 4 this all!
am i the only one in her who had never heard of thurl?...well, i've always lived in france so that may be a reason.
i've passed my whole afternnon listening to these songs & lookinf for some stuffs about him on the internet...
great voice i've discovered thanx 2 u! how lucky i must be, remember how you felt when you heard his voice for the very 1st time...that's me right now...
plus i totally agre that it's the best contribution to a blog page ever...
want some more!!!please!


Could you repost your Frank Crumit material? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


It looks like I'm going to need to go kill my brother, who reads this blog regularly, for not telling me about this post. But first, I have to download all these mp3s.

kelly presto

I'm lookin for a song by Thurl, I think it's called schytzophrenic baby. Is that the title?


thanks for this side .and this side is very good and good idea .car

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