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July 08, 2007


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The Actually Does

"Dipped his pen of love into my heart"...prceless.

I love when he's singing "dipped it in my heart" over and over...

a nice violent and sexually charged image that sticks with you when you're trying to fall asleep.

John Tenney

Thanks for these tracks!! I was a veteran of countless recording sessions in the 70s (I'm a violinist) doing this kind of music at Master Track Studios in Hayward CA (a lot of it for Seventh Day Adventists). Later we dubbed it Jeezak. Put a lot of food on the table, and lo, it was very white.


John Tenney

One more comment: Note the fabulous background singing, especially on "Where Could I Go?" You may never hear better! I would presume those were some of the Dallas singers involved in the active jingle scene, who did singing station IDs for radio and TV stations etc. Wonderful!!


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