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July 25, 2007



Doesn't the inclusion of the instrumental entirely defeat the purpose of the novelty? Really gonna spin the instrumental as if it were a legit track?? Crazy. Hilarious. Superb!


felt it necessary to include an instrumental on the flip? where's the novelty there? superb shit.

The Swill Man

Aw yes, I've wanted this one for a while. Superb little song! Love that catchy chorus with the Clara Peller sample!

Derrick Bostrom

This is one of my favorite records. I'm so glad to get a fresh clean copy!


YES! always wanted to hear this :D thanks!

Dale Hazelton

Inane! Sublime! Hilarious! In a Reagan-era day cluttered with nonsense Ms. Peller can stand right up proudly there with Alf, Mr. Furley, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and JR Ewing. The detail of the technical notes launches this straight into the realm of "serious art" as well.


Best mp3 of the entire project.


great to get the instrumental bed....on the flip, just used as fill for the b side...though I never did understand why you just didn't put both sides as the actual song. I think it was a little excessive to run this through the nitty gritty, but good to get the actual sleeve. could easily loop the B side it for something....

now I remember coyote mcloud from the CBS 48 HRS special in 1992 on shock radio...which I have on tape somewhere....what's even weirder is that he could get wendy's name on a project like this. just goes to show you what happens when you have a incredibly successful ad campaign...it lives forever!!


There is a certain Neil Hamburger song about 7/11s all being the same that bears a strong resemblance to this song. Maybe neil or Derrick Bostrom had a copy of this too?

Jose Fritz

Fantastic. I posted one of his airchecks at Arcane Radio Trivia.

Scott Mercer

Somehow I knew before even listening to it that the music was going to sound EXACTLY like Rodney Dangerfield's "Rappin' Rodney."

That sluggish post-disco psuedo-Rap beat, the drum machine, the sampled chorus, it's all there baby.

A high point in low art.

Sammy Reed

I have the original version of this 45! Instead of Clara Peller, it had Coyote doing a laughably lame imitation of her. Funny stuff!


wow,never knew this was even done,makes me hungry,and wanna dance all at the same time!


wow thanksfor sharing that mp3. I had a signed copy from Coyote many years ago. Sorry i lost it. Wish i had a copy of that CBS 48 HRS special. Iloved listening to him on the way to school every morning one "THE OUTRAGIOUS FM" Y107 Nashville. All the others are a bunch of weenies


Does anybody know the whereabouts of COYOTE McCLOUD "THESEDAYS"?? He's an old CO-WORKER I've lost track of. THANKS

Vicki @ Piccolo Takes All

I JUST found my copy of this song in my parent's basement! An elementary school classmate's dad worked at the record company that pressed this, and gave them out to the entire class. Unfortunately, I must have lost the original sleeve somewhere along the way. And yes, people still use the word nevertheless.


The instrumental track on the flipside was used for karaoke purposes… Duh! :-)

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