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July 09, 2007



Kim Kane once told me a story about the Cramps crashing at his parents house (he still lived at home) in 1976. For any place outside of NY and Cle, that's impressive. He's impressive. They're impressive.

I think their fun attitude has hurt them in the record collecting set these last 10 years, but their 1974-1982 output is unmatched for new wave punk. Perhaps only a few Athens bands did better new wave in "the south" in the 1970s.


Totally agree with you, DCer. The Slickee Boys don't get half the respect they deserve and I think it's mostly due to their purposefully goofy presentation. The cover art, however, to their "Live at Last" LP is one of the most menacing rock & roll images I've ever seen. Can't find a real clear shot of it online, but here's a peek:


and here's a good overview of the band:



Thanks for playing and posting Bob Hund. If you need help with the Swedish, let me know!


Dr. Pablo is a melodica pimp. (RIP)


thanks for the slickee boys vid. i've always heard about these guys mentioned in reference somehow to the bad brains. perhaps they were friends in DC?

Goyim in the AM

More than their look, I think it was the fact that they had a tendency to write novelty tunes ("The Brain That Refused to Die", "When I Go to the Beach", "This Party Sucks") that kept them from being taken seriously enough -- never mind the fact that even those goofy old school WHFS favorites had more cojones (and killer guitar parts) than a lot of "real" punk bands could pull off, let alone a novelty act like Blotto.

Robbie White

Kim Kane produced the first Bad Brains recordings and that they had their first public performance with the Slickee Boys at the Townson, MD Oddfellows Hall - and Kim said it was quite a show. Also that at that time HR played guitar too.

Robbie White
Slickee Boys Fan Club

listener john

hi. great to see the slickee boys AND augustus pablo.

once back in 1979 or 1980 i met a guy from dc who was wearing a slickee boys hat. at the time i didn't know them (or of anything else, either), and i thought it said 'the suckee boys.' he didn't think it was funny when i asked who the suckee boys were.

later i learned about the insect surfers from that guy.

i hope you all find this funny . . .

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