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August 17, 2007



Bloody hell! It's Karaoke night at the old folks home. . . 30 you say? How square can you get for 1971? You would have thought he'd been into Greaser/Rocker type stuff if he was into bikes. Though the name Reg Luckhurst makes him sound about sixty five. Any photos?


If you want to see what Reg looked like click on the link called Magazine which shows Reg (on the left) on the cover of Speedway Star from circa 1968. There is also a great pic of him at the following site:



WOW! I can't believe Reg is on here! I am a lifelong Wimbledon Speedway fan, and Reg was one of my heroes in the 60's and 70's. Outside of his his speedway achievements (he reached the 1965 World Final), he was quite well known for his amateur "cabaret" act, as was Leicester's Malcolm Brown. I never ever thought I would find mp3's of his ANYWHERE! Thank you so much...

rob stone

Reg is a total legend within speedway and grasstrack and well known for being one of the nicest guys in both sports. My dad used to watch him at Rhodes Minnis throughout the sixties racing alongside the likes of Don Godden and Alf Hagon.
All the best Reg.

denis pook

just came across this by chance -as an old wimbledon fan its great to here Reg getting mentioned he used to ride no. 5 for the dons partnered by Bob Dugard (eastbourne promoter) great times if only the dons were still going!!!!!!

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