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August 23, 2007



Maybe you already know this, but the LP looks to be of an era wherein the "odd tone of the title" would be a nod to the then-popular New Seekers'/Coca-Cola song, "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I'd_Like_to_Teach_the_World_to_Sing).


Ah good point, no I never thought of that. It's dated 1973 and so would have come just after the Coke song. I wonder if anyone did learn to sing using this album?

David Noades

I've just learned that Bob Anthony was a three time World Record holder, listed in The Guiness Book Of Records:

In 1969 he held the record for singing non-stop for the longest time (24 hours), in 1973 (over 50 hours) and in 1979 (153 hours and 10 minutes)!!

These facts were mentioned on the sleeve of a re-issue of Mama Please Light A Candle For Me in 1979. I wonder which songs he sang? Hopefully he did some tracks off the Jersey album.

Bob if you're reading this, please get in touch and tell us!

John in Jersey

There's now a link to this site from the BBC Jersey home page!

Angela Anthony

Hi, Bob's my Dad! It has made my day finding your site! Bob is 87 now and very sweet and to know his work is available for the world to hear will give him much peace. Even if his music isn't everyones cup of tea, my Dads caberet show was brilliant and he was a great entertainer and gave all who saw him a really good night out! He taught many people how to make the most of their natural 'instrument', both through actual lessons and a later singing book, tape and video, 'Teach Yourself to Sing Correctly'! I was 9 years old when I watched him finish singing and playing the organ for a week for the record attempt and to me then and now he is the coolest man in the world. Also he made an album for Tenerife, in the same format as Jersey. And he won a French song contest with Mama! Dad was and is passionate about music, it is his lifelong love, and this site has given the music he created an unexpected stage! Thank you so very much x

Julie in Jersey

[quote]Bob's geographical sense leaves a lot to be desired. Historically The Channel Islands are a mixture of English and French cultures, while the wah-wah guitar driven Down To St Helier sees references to 'German Nights and disco lights'.[unquote]

This is an unfair criticism of Bob Anthony...'German nights' were a popular form of entertainment for both tourists and locals in Jersey the 1970's - one establishment in particular used to feature an 'oom-pa-pa' Bierkeller-style singalong evening, featuring a German singer/accordionist called Bodi.

Jon Hall

Hello! Great website; one of my mates (who is a record producer) introduced me to the joys of Bob Anthony a few years back, and I'm chuffed to have stumbled upon more of his quality work. We think Bob is due a Tony Christie style comeback - I'm sure a dance remix of "It happens at St Ouen" would be a hit; such a funky record!

Glad to hear that he's still doing well; can't believe he's 87! Angela - your Dad has cult status amongst a small, slightly strange group of early 30-somethings, and Ile D'Amour gets played whenever we've had a few beers and want a good singalong.

Long live Bob!

Rich 'the mix'

Wow, Bob is 87!!

I've danced all night tonight to 'It Happens To St Ouens'', still want to know actually what happened at ST Ouen. can anybody enlighten me?

Mollie Melvin & Dave

Hi Angela
Delighted to find your Dad is still into music and well.Bob saved my voice after having several nodules removed and Dave and I helped him at Poland Street Studios. We also ran the Cabaret Shows at the Horseshoe Hotel with Bob.
Since May, I have become a member of the Zimmers Rock group appearing on TV in the UK and abroad.
If Bob remembers us this is my Email address

Anne Rhodes

To all Bob's fans out there,

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Bob passed away yesterday aged 89. He will be gratly missed by all who knew him, but especially by his daughters Marina & Angela and his grand daughters Oonagh & Emer.

Uncle Bob is now reunited with his wife.

mollie and Dave Melvin

How shocked and saddened we were to hear of the passing of our dear friend and colleague. Our sincere sympathies are extended to his family.We never actually met his young daughters but felt we knew them as he was so very proud of them and was always talking about them.Husband Dave and myself, were at Bob's very first marathon and also taught at the studio, please see our email posted on this website on 13 /11/08. We would be most grateful to hear from Marina, Angela or their cousin Anne regarding a few personal details about Bob's later life, and of his final resting place.Mollie and Dave Melvin

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