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August 10, 2007



If this guy is for real, we have a new king of manualism.

Holland Oats

he even dresses better than those guys

Zach in Philly

This is a benchmark of absurdity on par with Tiny Tim performing "Do You Think I'm Sexy" on the Mike Douglass show. Sadly, I think he's faking it but, then, so was Raad_Man.


I totally thought it was a fake (albeit a brilliant one) as well. However: http://youtube.com/user/gunecologist ... he may be the most talented man I have ever seen on the internet. My hero ...

Thurston Hunger

Bonus points to this guy for being an apparent circular breather? However
I hear there's a guy in the Ukraine who can do Eddie Van Halen's "Eruption"
with his armpit...


I have always thought that the intro to this song was ridiculously long and pointless-- this interpretation proves it. (Somewhere I have an LP with a marching band preforming this same song).

Guns n Roses-- the most over-rated band of all time.

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