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August 26, 2007


Vern Stewart

I am trying to remember if Moms Mabley was the opener for Bette Midler in the early 70's at the Berkeley Community Theatre in Berkeley, CA?
I thought she was but cannot remember I thought I saw her there. Does anyone know for sure?

Florencia Arnold-Madden

Thanks for the information. Wanda Skyes get in touch. Like you I love Moms and she was born on my Mother's birthday. The time is now to tell her story plus some....I'm working on a theatrical production that is based on Moms life and also introduces a new character...We need to talk...I'm' getting tapes from other Moms characters who want to play Moms....but you are already known....and I love you too...you are so funny...especially White Folks Welfare on U TUBE...I played it many times!

Rene Rosechild

re: the lesbian question, I do find Moms Mabley's name associated with Black lesbian pioneer Mabel Hampton, as here: http://womensplaza.arizona.edu/honor/view.php?id=659 (among others) which I think lends credence to the claim.

gerald kieffer [jfk2]

I love Mom's Mabely's version of Abraham, Martin, John & BOBBY

vincent filliatre

she was the original joan rivers , minus the glam only comedian .i am 52 and remember her cmoedy as vivid as a beetle or carson .
when 'we', were scarce in any media short of arrest , drugs and violence ,there moms was.
there were always the gospel sings and other personalities associated with and or through the lord but Mme MOMS was basic , real , and true for anyone and everyone with humor in their hearts to enjoy . One could exclude race and the doll , Mme MOMS MABLEY was still halirious.
hats off, kudos ,and the highest respect ,
as an student of theater and hope to be an actor , in comedy -WOW !
that was one funny chick...
vincent filliatre

Honut Sinti

Very well written and informative post on Moms Mabley. I have fond memories of seeing her on television.

Pete Moss

To think we film buffs have traded in fantasticly interesting 70's people like Moms Mabley for hallucinatory, 2010's "Avatar" type drek makes me want to puke all over the place, but I'm taking Rolaids, and so I won't.

♫ ♯ ♪ "It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine." ♫ ♯ ♪

Jannette Hembrey Lovell

Stephen Wheeler: Please contact me at ar.3.sc_4_jhl@hotmail.com. My husband is Loretta's grand nephew via her father James Aiken's daughter Ida who married Ed Flack in Brevard. Any other Aiken family members please contact me, too, so I can add your information to the family record we have started.

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