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August 06, 2007


stop snitchin

i'm real proud my fanzine collection has weasel walter's interview with unsane. walter drew comix about kim deal. and deicide.

that's what a rockford illinois will do to an unstable teenager.

but i really wish that boy would apply himself. he so lazy.

simon hanes

I recently played a show with weez and grant calvin weston. weasel is a super cool guy and im glad you guys know about him.

john in rockford

stop.......you still in rockfish? I am. didn't know there were other 'fmu heads!

stop snitchin

i guess what i meant to say is no matter where you are there will always be shit to fuck up so start fucking shit up so by the time someone asks "why did you do that?" you'll be prepared to pull your pants down and holler


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