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August 20, 2007



excellent new flash feature!


...and this ukwu stuff is great... though i always thought nigerian was usually tagged 'juju' as opposed to ghanaian 'highlife'...? very reminiscent of sunny ade o'course...


Thanks for the flash player...very nice, and most welcome.

Grandpa Scorpion

Wow, Ukwu is a great find. Thanks for posting!


Which DC station did you hear Ukwu on -- WPFW, the Pacifica station? I imagine so -- wish they played stuff like this more often, or maybe I'm just not listening at the right times ... thanks for the great tunes!


Mike: I can't remember the exact station to be honest... it was somewhere in the 80s on the FM dial. It seemed like it was just a random community station of some sort and the people at the station did not speak much English.

Akachi Aniche

I grew up listening to Ukwu on radio. The treasure load of music that he left behind is awesome. I made it a point of duty to get his complete discography, and so far I have made decent progress.

The beauty of his music is two-fold, the MUSIC and the MESSAGE. Ukwu is a philosopher at par with the likes of Aristotle. The message is AMAZING.

They dont make good music like they used to ......

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