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September 12, 2007


Jeff Phinney

I love my stylophone!


Sweet, now I know where all that instrumental department store elevator music comes from... ...stylophone records, who would've thunk.

Sara D.

My poor baby Stylie Minogue is out of commission at the moment...this makes me want to fix her right up. Stylophone enthusiasts unite!

Thanks for this. I also have an instructional Rolf 45 that came with my Stylophone(which still works). Can't remember much about it except it ends with a young stylophone group giving a performance. You got that one?

Rumple Stiltskin

This is some of the greatest music I've ever heard. Perfect for any occasion or state of mind. I'd play this at my own funeral.


I stumbled across this from the hype machine, I love the record and the blog.

Keep it up good sir.



Love the Stylophone so much we custom make very retro cool cases for this little electro wonder.


Where did Rolf get it all from? Abo electronics perhaps?


Hi all, i have seen the New Stylophone Beat box~ check this out~


Released on April 2009.


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