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September 14, 2007



please add more william leblanc.its the best rap ive ever heard.where can i hear more?i want to have all his stuff.where can i get those music of america lps.?

A Meat Beetle

The Meat Beetles love song poems. Thanks!

Sammy Reed

Now I have just noticed that "Sweet Caress" was on "Music of America" album HAR-31

Sammy Reed

As the man who made this submission to the project, I hope I can mention this and not be considered "spam" - too much, anyway.

I am planning on bringing back my online show, "Music from the World of the Strange and the Bizarre". Last year, I discontinued the show because I decided I would "grow up", and I got rid of other things too - which turned out to be a more immature decision than things would've been if I just left things alone.

I sold all the 45's in my collection, although I still had a couple of 45's I bought at a flea market that I didn't do anything with. I sold a sizeable chunk of my albums. But looking through my albums now, I found I still have a lot of them. I still have a lot of "soundalike" albums, and quite a few kiddie albums (not the "Star Trek" stories, though). I still have the "Cross and the Switchblade" soundtrack album, and others that I played songs from on the show. I also still have a great deal of my production library albums.

I'm building up another 45 collection, and I'm getting some more albums - including (here's a sneak peek) the Nashville Country Singers gospel album (Yes, the "thunderbolts of long duration" group did a gospel album). I've got a few Bobbi Blake 45's, and for the first time, a couple of Norm Burns 45's!

This time, I hope to do more digging into my collection instead of playing the same 10-or-so songs over again, as I wound up doing after awhile on the first show.

I plan on bringing it back on June 29th. Go to sammyreed.com/strange for any other details that may crop up.

Until then, "Go out & make it a great life!"

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