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September 15, 2007


Mr Fab

The wacko that has been running KPFK (into the ground) for the last 5 years has got the boot. Hopefully things will improve now.

I thought Tom & Tony left on their own? Maybe not. What an insane show they had - from Esquivel to John Oswald to improv madness. And this was in the '80s.

Andrew Lander

It's entirely possible they themselves cancelled their show! I don't remember the specifics, just that all three shows seemed to come to their ends over the course of a few months.

Webster Hubble Telescope

Lud Aarons voice sounds a lot like Mark Levin, Sean Hannity's butt-boy. But he does not have the same political agenda.


The name is likely spelled 'Ahrens'.

Bill Mitchell

I am greatful to have ever been on, loved Lud Arons, regardless of spelling. He was inspirational and humble in suffering those less focused or visionary as he.

I just listened to the broadcast, and remembe well the time we spent together. He was not not interrupted, because he had more to say than I did, and I did the program month after month, as if it was my last program. And came in fact from the White House, via the in-house opportunist who wanted their salaries more than free speech radio to happen, and I was all of that for sure. thus had to go, and no with the snow job, or was it a Clinton blow-job!

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