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September 12, 2007


steve PMX

I'm too scared to.

Brian C.

The cover art for the long-awaited Blind Faith reunion album.


"There was a bright light, I was transported to the spaceship, and they used this corn-dog shaped probe on ... on my .. corn-dog-hole." said Thomas Wilnilly, of Overton, Ohio.


"Don't make me use this on you...because I'm saving it for my dippping sauce."

Gilbert Neal

A young Andy Partridge attempts to lure a wary Dave Gregory back to rehearsal.


put a soul patch on him and he'd look like every wannabee 'DJ' that ever slunk into our record store...

he's gripping that dog like they'd hold the records - 'dude, i know how to handle records, I'M A DJ!'

cept at least the kid is using a napkin.


When activated, this is the loudest corn dog on Earth.


"If I don't eat the hell out of this corn dog, the terrorists win. God Bless America."


Airport runway controller trainee


"The body of Christ, Amen"


"Say, I seem to have lost my way, could you direct me to Senator Craigs office?"


"You're not from around here, are you?"


I created a myspace account and all I got was this guys greasy corndog.


Try out day for GOP congressional pages.


"Some like it straight. I like mine with a corndog."

Ryan Berger

"Common sense? Just remember that next time you want to ride the mower - hypocrite."


Mom says if I eat this here corndog this thing attached to my head will fall off.

boy novice

"They screams LOUD when you cut 'em offa 'em, but they tastes gooooood."

Bettry Croker Punk Rocker

Put a condom on the BOY!


"I used to be a heroin addict. Now I'm a methadone addict."


Dad, I love our shooting-range Sundays together. Corn dog? Cappuccino?


You shouldn'ter done that. He was jus a lil feller...


"i like turtles."

(please tell me someone will get that reference...)


unwilling to admit that he had never kissed a girl, jerry took THE DARE

Adam Gott

Senator Craig, I've got that hot dog you ordered...

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