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September 11, 2007



"In a Silent Way" is one of my favorite albums too. I probably wouldnt think to call it my favorite Miles album, but then I realize I've listened to it more than any of the others. Teo Macero did the right thing in paring it down-- the box set revealed that a lot of it was unnecessary, and some parts I thought were just plain "sour" sounding (I recall a unison horn break that was thankfully cut out). The title track was originally written by Joe as a bossa nova.

Now play Eno's "Zawinul Lava" in rememberance.

Bob DuCharme

Don't forget his earlier pre-electric career with Cannonball Adderley, in which he wrote what Michael Shelley would call a Number One Hit: Mercy Mercy Mercy.


Remember Willis Conover on VOA broadcasts in Asia, anyone ?
Zawinul's Mercy Mercy Mercy was the background music for the program opener....



Joe Zawinul was a great musician and songwriter. He never ran out of great ideas. Music is better off because of what he did.

But man, all I can think about now is how much of a dick he was. I never met him in person, but I met plenty of Jazz musicians who worked with him. They all say he was kind of a dick. He would often yell at members of his band, and had very high standards for performance. Infact, he often criticized his sidemen so much that they would cry. But again - I don't know this for sure. Just that every Jazz musician I ever met says its true.

But if it is true, I think in light of his music, this can be forgiven. I think the reason Joe was so rude to some of his band mates might have been because he had to have his band in top shape, and could accept no mediocrity. And that's sort of admirable. Besides, Charles Mingus was like 3 times the dick that guy was.

This week, I'm listening to my favorite Zawinul song (Directions) - One version that Miles did, and another that Weather Report did. Both live.


Saw zawinul in israel ,,,,,,,,,and he was great as usual
when i first got the chance to see him it was during a concert in eilat(israel),and there was some kind of magic between his band and the people that started dancing .
Till them i didnt think that electric fusion and dancing can get together,so i started collecting many of weather's records(which realy made me think about music in a different kind of way).
It was realy sad to hear about the death of zawinul====hope the world will ever get the chance of hearing more giants as he was .

Steve Royal

I saw Joe with Cannonball and Nat as well as Weather Report, both a couple of times. I always liked what was going on be it straight ahead, or back beat. The Cannonball orations were great and very complimentary of Joe's creativity re Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, ect..
I was so lucky to have seen Weather Report in its infancy at The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach (LA) California while visiting in 1970 or 71. The band had Eric Gravitt drums, and Airto percussion with the great bassist Niels-Henning Orstead Pederson. That show was hot, hot, hot! We ate dinner and drank 10 feet directly in front of Joe. I'll never ever forget that.

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