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September 05, 2007



Bucky Sinister is a frequent guest on the Nest Of Vipers podcast, and the man tells some incredibly funny stories on there. The one about his experience as a video game hotline operator had me in stitches.


don't you mean the "crackwhore" stylings of Rick Shapiro? Oh, I kid.


I remember you playing the Doors project that day. So funny the listener couldn't realize that it was a track and not a DJ.


The Doors Project is perfect example of what happens when professors say things like "As long as you hand something in." So you folks in the professoriat take note.


wow... i had missed a chunk of the doors guy that day & just assumed this was a time capsule from like the early 70's. for as awesome as it is i think i'd like it even more if it wasn't from the 90's.


Thanks for the write-up on Bucky! I knew him many years ago in San Francisco when he ran a poetry night at a local club (the Chameleon (RIP), perhaps?. Just a couple of weeks ago I shelved one of his books at my bookstore job and thought about him for the first time in many years, then this post---somethings in the air. Nice to see him still out there sharing his interesting life.


I just want to say for the record that this Doors guy is a blithering idiot.


Indie comedy? Remember the guy named emo phillips (I think it was lower-case)? He had a live LP circa '82 or so, and apparently provided the name for one of those silly rock subgenres at the same time. College stations played him, but probably no one else did. His bowl haircut and dourness didn't do much for him; Moe Howard had done the bowl cut decades earlier. Of course, years later other (like my pal Geechy Guy) mined that nerdy niche with greater success and talent.


Nice music, go on!

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