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October 11, 2007


Chris R.

I have to say that I'm a 36 year old lifelong Philadelphian and I'd never heard of Johnny's Dance Band. So much for semi-legendary... I'll have to ask some older friends who were seeing live music around that time about them, see if anything stuck. I have a copy of the Masher LP myself, I think I paid $4 at a used record store. It's the only copy I've ever seen, and I have my head in record bins around here a lot, so I assume this is comparatively rare. I assume "across the river from New Hope" (referenced in link) is Lambertville, NJ, which is about an hour's drive from the city proper.

Bill in Cincy

The Chet Bolins Band sounds like Frank Zappa meets Clarence Clemmons & the E Street Band. I like what I'm hearing. The saxophone work on the title track is exceptionally good. Besides, any song that can mention underwear, satirize American ideals of masculinity, and denigrate the French is a must hear in my book.


Wow, I haven't heard this in like twenty years. For a short period of time when this album came out they were pretty damn popular in the Philadlephia area. WMMR was even playing a few of the songs in their regular rotation. I actually have an autogrpahed copy of this I won in a radio contest. Good stuff. Thanks.

Mickey Mephistopheles

I recall the cover for this album hanging on the wall at Java Wally's, the coffee bar outside the library at the Rochester Institute of Technology, as part of a mosaic of random album covers serving as wallpaper. Thanks to the 365 Days Project and WFMU for providing context.

Brian K. Mitchell

Used to see JDB at the Queen Vic hotel regularly so becoming a Chethead was a natural evolution. The horns and the vocals really added something special.

This album really stayed playable way past most of my other 80's vinyl. I've wanted to turn others on to it but was never willing to part with my lone copy to do it. You have provided a wonderful out for me, and a way to keep this gem from getting lost to oblivion. Kudos.

By the way, Bill Mac is a childhood buddy of mine. I found WFMU through him, and just discovered this portion of the site thanks to Googling Chet Bolins and coming across your entry. What a great station, and what a great site! Good work all youz guyz!

Always enjoy meeting another Mitchell! Regards!


Monsieur Bolins does not sing zat bad, but zee one armed monkey finished ees career!


This is such a weird album...it sounds really stupid and commercial, but like from a genre that never existed at all, even though 1/2 new wave, 1/4 oldies horn section, 1/4 show tunes doesn't sound like THAT weird of an idea. And yet the lyrics are incredibly clever and funny, despite the boring song titles.

I've listened to this like ten times, and the ONLY thing I can think of that it sounds like is the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, and it took a long time to realize even that. But it doesn't really sound like that either. Were there other bands like this, a genre that has been totally forgotten?


I came across an ART site -"Jewelry " which led me to Chris Darway and then this... I only remember Johnny's Dance Band because of Nancy Darway (married to Chris) who mentioned the band to me when I met her , I believe in the mid 80"s. I met Chris Darway too of course..wow...so funny I am looking at this site now - seeing these videos - recognizing Nan and Chris in photos !! I met them when I was visiting family in Lambertville NJ. I too, like Chris, I had a metal smith/jewellery background and I got to know him and his lovely wife Nan and their boys. Hope they are all doing well!

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