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October 24, 2007


The Pube

I suspect that many of the "Raymond" hairdresser salons in Britain were named in tribute to the 1950s "celebrity" hairdresser Raymond "Teasy-Weasy" Bessone.


I guess Tony Weston must have been an inspiration for the music of Monty Python, "It's Christmas in Heaven" for example. The Python's having trained voices is a nice bonus though.

Hawkwind Dave

Oh my F***ing God!!! I've got another Tony Weston LP, also signed, also with no date on it and also called simply 'Tony Weston', but this one I guess is from 73/74. I can't work out whether it's so good it's bad or vice versa. Either way, it's one of my most prized possessions. I'm so grateful you put this on line. Thank you thank you thank you :)

Hawkwind Dave

I'm half way through listening to this LP.... name your price!

Hilary Wright

Tony Weston was an entertainer at Cala Mesquida, Majorca,in 1967, which was a Pontinental 'holiday village' owned by Fred Pontin. I have just found an old photo from that holiday, in which Tony Weston is standing next to me and was showing it to my friend (who was on the same holiday) this weekend. We decided to 'Google' Tony Weston and found this page. Bingo! Good memories!

Stuart Cole

I have fond memories of seeing Tony Weston at Pontins Hemsby in the mid 70's, What value for money entertainment, he was a real class act, im sad to read he has passed away, i have an LP that we purchased at Pontins after his performance, signed i believe. I think we have photos in the collection somewhere ? Keep Singing Tony

hawkwind dave

I so wish I could have seen him perform... listing to the 2 albums i have... one can get a feel of what his performance must have been like, but it's far from the real thing. Anybody got a video or cine of him?

We could set up a proper fan site and pool our resources... keep the fire burning!



I knew tony well back in the 80's.helived at dolphin court in bournemoth and was well known in the hotels we saw him many times in the mon a me loved him and his shows rip tones xxx


Tony and John were great friends of ours and it's SO sad that he is not with us anymore. Tony Weston WAS Tony Weston and irreplacable! Thank you to Lynne of Southampton for the kind words. Tony was one of these guys who, 'outwardly', was a great personality, but inside he was very private and went through a lot of emotions, he spoke to me quite at length, many times. He and John had a fabulous home in Dolphin Court and it was such a happy place although John was very ill at the time, nevertheless, Tony and John are now reunited and may they rest in peace. They will always,forever,be in our thoughts.Love to you all...Bryan (Hotel Mon-Ami, Bournemouth. 1984/85/86. From: bstobytwirl04@gmail.com.

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