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October 24, 2007


Taro 3Yen.com

Damn. I'm so out of it that I never heard of the "cheeseball Chicago furniture legend Walter E. Smithe"--It must be nice it coast on the all too similar name of Chicago's 140-year-old furniture store 'John M. Smyth' (that in 2005 went semi-out of business).

"John M. Smyth -- or do you say Smithe? ©"


Liz B

Great find! Thanks.

Resident Clinton

Hmm...I don't know too much about any Chicago furniture wars, but I do know that Smithe has been around since the 40's, and they are indeed named after the founder Charles E Smithe. So I don't think there is any coasting going on, just similar names. That said, the "legendary" comment refers more to the cheesiness of their commercials, rather than their product. Especially once the Smithe brothers started making them.

Oh, they even tapped Sammy Stephens, another commercial legend, for a long form ad. Now that's ad savvy!

Resident Clinton

PS - My favorite thing about this ad isn't just the shock of the stupid monster face, but that he immediately goes right back into corporate friendly-face mode. Awesome.


I was trying to find some Bob's Discount Furniture commericials from New England but like everything else up here, they won't let you touch it.

Halloween Costumes

That is hilarious and very creative. I love Halloween and it is so much fun when people have fun with the holiday.

Halloween Costumes Chick

Halloween is so much fun! That was way to funny! Thanks from bringing a smile to my face.

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