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October 23, 2007


Listener Kliph

Lots of fascinating people were involved in Mad Monster Party. I love the look and concept of the movie - although an hour and a half of Rankin Bass is a bit much for one sitting.

1) Phyllis Diller apparently bought a grand piano and had it delivered to her penthouse suite in the hotel she was staying in, in order to practice her songs for the film.

2)Harvey Kurtzman(!) has a credit as one of the scriptwriters but he says he quit after the first day and tried to have his name removed. He said they gave him a bunch of money and used nothing that he wrote in the end. I believe he was quoted as calling the movie "a piece of shit" or something to that effect. I always had thought Kurtzman must have put the MAD in the Mad Monster Party, but nope.

3) Boris Karloff. Nuff said.

There was a soundtrack LP released when the film came out that is extremely rare. It's been re-issued on CD, but to find the album would certainly be sweet.


Oh man, I remember the TV commercials for this when it first came out - "Phyllis Diller - the hostess with the leastest!" Heady stuff for an 11-year-old whose pop-culture junkiedom was still in its nascence.


And honey-voiced New Zealand folk singer Gale Garnett as femme-fatale Francesca. I've seen this movie aboutt a dozen times in my life (it was a mainstay of Tom Hatten's weekly, Sunday afternoon "Family Film Festival" on KTLA-5 in L.A. in the late 70s/early 80s, if anyone here is old enough to remember that) and still, everytime I hear "Never Was a Love Like Mine", I melt.

BTW, I heard a rumor that they're (gag!) doing a REMAKE.


Watch it every year at this time, even though as someone pointed out, the idea of it is better than the actual product.


I got this last year on DVD, and will watch it every Halloween from now on. I remember watching this that year when it came out on TV. I've also made a rip of the soundtrack of the dvd and shared it HERE.


Hebrew School

Wow! Is that the Grateful Dead playing "Touch of Grey"?

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