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October 14, 2007


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leo Fourastie


Thanks for posting weird finnish music

here is a Finnish band I mix called 22 Pistepirkko they have been in the states few times



En finne

Terhi, Joel, Tommi and Antti have joined together to form a new band called Scandinavian Music Group.

Pentti Hirsjärvi

Speed King! All Finnish musicians know and love Circle. Most punters though will just give a blank look and go back to their Idols and Crazy Frog. The highlight of my summer was seeing these guys live (under the moniker Rättö & Lehtisalo, with a different, more pop-oriented song cycle). Their intent is clearly to make you bleed in your lungs just from having such a bangin' time. NWOFHM!

Alamaailman Vasarat and Cleaning Women are good also yes.

Pentti Hirsjärvi

Also, that drummer is a fukken machine. Seriously.


My ex was Finnish and she turned me onto Ultra Bra. Some other Finnish bands of note were CMX, Apocalyptica and, of course, The Leningrad Cowboys.

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