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October 14, 2007


Holland Oats

it's just like being in times square!



waylon solos

my mind is blown!


Oh wow that was cool. The sound of the flute as the water is coursing out of it is incredible--it sounds almost electronic.

Bernd Pick

Dear Ken,
i met Mr. Pascoal in 1992. He had a nice concert in nurnberg, germany. after that, i made an interview backstage with him, asking silly and naive things but he liked it.
if you loke, i go downstairs and search that old tape and copy it for you.
best wishes


For fans of Hermeto Pascoal, be sure to check out 'The Happiness Project' by Charles Spearin. Charles interviewed his neighbours on the subject of happiness and used their vocal inflections to create a truly unconventional yet beautiful album.
There is a great video work of his project on his website, be sure to check it out!



That was great to listen to music of this kind, great, who is the old man, assume that it is a group of students and their teacher or something, it was good.

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