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October 07, 2007


Graeme Jarvie

I wrote about this on my blog today (http://homepage.mac.com/tokyo.guide/blog/) and as I said there, it could set a ridiculous precedent. Surely music that's being played on the radio has been licensed for public performance anyway?

Vic Perry

Everyday these copyright things get more psychotic. The choice of protests would be a blast: I see thousands lining up outside of the offices of those responsible (or complicit) and singing, playing or "broadcasting" the songs in question. And bring those silently dancing girl scouts too!


Where does it all end? Can I copyright my name and then sue the US Census Bureau for using it? I note that the On Line Guitar Archive (OLGA.com) was shut down for posting the chord changes for popular songs; it wasn't music or lyrics, just lists of chords and partial lyrics, and in some cases "tablature" (that was often slightly wrong)-- so could I be sued for giving guitar lessons? (BTW- there are still many more sites out there doing the same thing anyway).

The music industry is changing, the windfall profits the record companies got in the 80's and 90's are gone and they are scared. Money is the drug and they need a fix. They fooled people into ditching their record collections in favor of CDs, only to have the companies remaster them later on, then remaster with bonus tracks a 3rd or 4th time . . . HOW many times were the Byrds albums remastered for cd?

Greed, pure and simple. But they have the money to influence the laws, and all we have is our voices and we can spend all our time yelling at our officials; lobbyists get paid, we get the shaft.

Dale Hazelton

How about a class action lawsuit from African American descendants of slaves who've had their traditional field songs usurped for the basis of (or blatant copying) Swing, Jazz, Blues, Gospel and Rock & Roll? Ain't that improper use or infringement?

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