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October 05, 2007


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"homemade mellotron" reminds me ot eh legendary "birotron" which could have been a cool machine if the builders hadn't made one fatal design flaw. I know there was a guy who made an actual "full sized" melltron out of walkmans a few years ago, very admirable.



Black Sabbath were incredibly good. Its a shame that a lot of people choose to ignore this fact.

People who are so quick to tarnish their legacy that they post a clip of Ozzy as a solo artist with Jake E Lee playing guitar and mislabel it as Black Sabbath....

Oh, Comedy

> Black Sabbath were incredibly good. Its a shame that a lot of people choose to ignore this fact.

It is a shame. It's a real shame. Borderline tragedy.

Holland Oats

that sabbath reimagining is genius

Gern Blansten

That was a funny overdub, I have to admit. All that guitar god posing and Ozzy carrying on like a drunk idiot. Oh wait, he probably was.
That being said, I've seen old videos of Sabbath in their prime and they kicked ass with all 10 toes.
It makes you wonder how many other legends would have faded a bit if they had managed to not get themselves killed (insert dead rock icon here).


That "sabbath" video is hilarious, the juxtaposition of the stock guitar moves with ridiculous sloppy nonsense playing is perfect. One of my friends didn't get the joke, thought that was the original audio. ouch.

Mr. Snrub

The sabbath video was done by a guy who has a bunch of other guitarists "shredding" on his youtube page.


Mickey Mephistopheles

The final results of the X-Wing launch

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