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October 25, 2007


Gonz rules


I think this Sacto thing is also featured in the Powell video 'Future Primitive'... But maybe that's earlier than '86 (?) Anyone?

And, yes, Gonz rules.

scott in tokyo

All these guys were revolutionary. I remember seeing Gonzo do an ollie in Future Primitive, thinking that everything was going to change with that trick. Then along comes Natas who takes the ollie to a new level. Guerrero was awesome as well, especially with those huge jump ramp tricks- 360 judo etc...
Thanks for the post, that stuff still gives me the shivers.

Rick Ele

I was a BMXer myself, but I do seem to remember 1986 being a watershed year for the ollie just as much as it was for hip hop MC's putting the nursery-rhyme-flow to bed in favor of the permutatable offbeat rhyme-flow. It was like reading about the history of recordbreaking mile times in the sport of competitive running. After one dude did 4:00, dozens of others reached the feat within a year. I was just watching "Thrashin'" on my Comcast onDemand and surprised that no one could ollie more than about three or four inches of the ground. Anyone who wanted to get real air had pick up his board and put his foot down all in the same move, and then jump off the down foot. Does anyone even remember what that move is called? That's how buried it is, I guess...

christopher o.



"That's all part of my trick"

e cig

This reminds me of this time when I was 15 and skateboarding. I tried to do a trick of a picnic table, the board went straight down and I landed on top of it. Let me tell you this was the worst bruise I have ever had in my entire life. LOL