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October 28, 2007


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» The Haunting Career of Gene Moss from Cool-Mo-Dee
WFMU has another fine posting that I needed to share, a career retrospective of Gene Moss. I can hear the mutterings now - Who? [Read More]



I have a clearer copy of "Dracula's Greatest Hits" shared HERE, "Music For Monsters" HERE, and "Monster Mash Party" HERE for anyone who would like to listen to them.



I always thought the Torch was absent because producers/adults thought kids would try to emulate him and light themselves on fire. Apparently they didn't think of kids like me who tried to glue rocks to his body.


It sounds more like Jan & Dean singing the KHJ jingle, although it's obviously based on the Beach Boys' Little Deuce Coupe. Maybe the BB's are mixed in the background? It's hilarious to hear those stiff DJ's try to talk in syncopation with the music!

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