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October 12, 2007



You should really think twice before posting this stuff. How do you know it's not a seeing eye dog??


Mostly obnoxious right-wing pundits, huh? As though any muslim would pay attention to such people. The repugs sure know how to divide, when they should be uniting people....


Oh, Ok. I get it. Had to look at it first...

cat on the bus

I hadn't noticed before but it's a government or diplomatic license plate. Once I get home I can shuffle some pages and find out what country and or department the car is registered to. I tell you, the fun never stops!


I think that is the license plate from Planet Ohio. No need for diplomat tags there--although perhaps we ought to think of making them part of Mexico (except for Cleveland, of course)

bartelby's cat on the bus with him to the vet

I stand corrected they are neither government nor diplomatic plates, they could be Ohio or South Dakota or North Dakota special issue to ex-POW. Three letters and four numbers though, I don't see that in the reference I am looking at but it's a bit thin and out of date


How did this guy argue the validity of what he was doing? I'm sure no one actually reproached him for what this, but if someone did, what would he have said?

Neighbor: "Bill, I saw you walking your dog back there with your car... in fact, I didn't see you walking your dog, I saw your dog walking, while you drove. So... uh, how lazy of a fat ass are you?"

Bill: "I'm not a lazy fat ass, I just..."

And I can't figure out ANYTHING someone could say to defend that.


Hehe Nick, that's easy.

Neighbor: "WTF?"

Guy In Car: "Yo bitch, I'm Michael Vick, get outta my way"

Skeptical Inquirer

Hmm, that's a phot with no context. Posed? Real? Real but the guys's in a wheelchair? It'd be nice to know more.

If the pic's legit then the driver is a douche bag, but then again I suspect the average person who collects images in a photo gallery called "why they hate us" is likely a bit of a douche bag themselves.

Skeptical Inquirer

Please pardon my poor typing and previewing skills. I have no idea what a "phot" is.

bartelby's cat on the bus with him to the vet

It might not even be Michael Vick. I don't know if he has a residence in Ohio or South Dakota or if he is an ex-POW living in North Dakota.


"Real but the guys's in a wheelchair?"

you bring up a good point, that most never consider. but why even stop to consider with so much vitriol and colorful insults to sling...


Relax, and remember this is just a series of tubes.

I'm itching to see the later pics where he puts some highway mileage on the dog. Hey, I know who it is now! It's not Michael Vick. Those government plates give it away. It's Mitt Romney.

Steve PMX

That one's pretty boring. Try the Hairdressers With Supposedly Funny Pun Names image pool: http://www.flickr.com/groups/hairdressers/pool/

Or like the 1200 image cluster for Engrish/Japan-Sign-Tokyo:

Those are pretty fun.


It's an Ohio license plate. I have the same exact kind on my car. It even says "Ohio" in the middle of that red bar on the top of the license.


It's Ohio. It says so on the top of the license plate in the red bar. I have the same kind of plate on my car.


If homie was in a wheelchair, wouldn't he have handicapped plates?

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