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November 20, 2007


taco truck

They look like Sketchers


now if only they could get the right pitch-man for these:



Sorry Marcus, but these look exactly like the kind of thing the local street kids buy for about 20 bucks from a chinese importer on Canal St. Get a puffy baseball cap with the Yankees logo and a big fake gold chain to go with it. I shudder to think of the kind of woman you'd be picking up in that gear...

OTOH, you could instead stop at the new Pearl River and pick up a 10 dollar pair of chinese slippers. Go for the black ones with the white stripe; just like Patrick McGoohan wore in "The Prisoner". And yes, I have actually had the ladies say to me, "Those are some stylish shoes". Stylish sneakers are an oxymoron. Even those old school converse; too much exposure.


--This shoe costs $350 dollars.--

Kelly, anyone?


these shoes are for factory-completionist nerds

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