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November 08, 2007


Andrea Walsh

Thank you for posting this info and letting your readers about Jim's passing. I write and maintain the Hawthorne fan site you list above, and am doing my best to spread the word about his incredible career and prolific output. He was an amazing, wonderful man, and I'm lucky to say, a dear friend.

J. C. Kaelin

Thank you WFMU for posting this blog about this very special man. Jim was and is a legend and I'm sure those of us who love and revere the man will work to ensure
that his historic contributions are remembered and appreciated.

As some of you may know from my blog and from prior MySpace bulletins, I am a fan, friend and admirer of the great Jim Hawthorne, who among other broadcasting firsts was the first free form radio disc jockey. It is appropriate therefore that I first learned of him through the WFMU summer replacement series AIRCHECK. It spun my head around, and that AIRCHECK broadcast ultimately lead me to Andrea Walsh, and through her to Jim himself.

When the Jersey Journal and Bayonne Journal both ran their stories of me 3 weeks ago, both included photos of a framed picture he signed to me that hangs proudly in The "Ozone" Lair. It now appears that these two stories where the last two done on him before he died. I feel a great sense of awe and responsibility both for it.

As mentioned in Andrea's blog post above, please visit www.jimhawthorne.com for more information about this great man.

God Bless You, Jim, You will be missed.

In Loving Respect,

j. c. kaelin

Jeff Guenther

Hawthorne (as he was known) was witty and wonderful, one of the truly talented people who put the magic in early television. I'm glad I saw and heard his programs when I was young. I'm sad to hear he's gone. He made a lot of people happy, and his fans will never forget him.

Don Mueller

In Jim's last Denver years, I was sort of a "buddy" of Jims -- I knew him from some broadcast groups we both belonged to in Denver, and he did me favors (even offered his truck to help me move to an apartment) and I amassed a collection of his KOA radio work. I last heard from him via email two weeks before he passed, he wrote me a very encouraging letter about my abilities. He was a radio genius. He knew all aspects of the medium. He'll be missed.


I just today heard the sad news of Hawthorne's death. Nostalgic memories came back to me, and made me reflect on the past. I first heard Hawthorne in either 1947 or 48, His show was extremely popular with teenagers, and I was one of his biggest fans. Seems to me that the original show was broadcast from the Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, but I may be wrong about that? It was a long time ago. I definitely remember that the show came on every week night at 10:30. It was such fun to lie in bed and listen to him on my table model Trav-ler radio. Then the next day at school we would all talk and laugh about the show. I listened to his show for years, as he moved around Southern California. When I went away to college in 1952 I lost track of him, but would occasionally pick up the show when I was home. My brother was also a loyal fan, and would keep me apprised through the years, of everything "Hawthorne". I am glad to know that he lived a long life.

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