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November 14, 2007



hmmm... sort of a Steeleye Span/Fairport Convention Lite version. Didn't know this sort of stuff was popular now; prolly heard more of this genre at the old Bottom Line than I'd care to admit. As I might be heading out to Portland OR soon anything you'd care to recommend of the music scene there?


I moved from portland to Indiana in August and I still remember some of the bus lines. The 9 goes from Powell to downtown and the 20 runs down burnside and the 4 goes down division....that's all I got. Oh yeah the 14 is goes down Hawthorne.

Alan P. Scott

Fascinating... and beautiful music. As it happens, Loch Lomond's violist Amanda (in the back on the left, in the picture on this page) is our kids' talented violin teacher as well (for now, anyway... though I fear this tour will change that!).
More Portland bus lines for ya: the 15 is the Belmont bus, and the 71 runs N/S to Clackamas... those are the ones I'm most familiar with.
Going off to give another listen to "Carl Sagan."

Cary Clarke

Some of my current favorite Portland bands, K:

Nice Nice
The Joggers
Dragging an Ox through Water
Evolutionary Jass Band
Alan Singley
Yellow Swans
Horse Feathers
Black Elk

There's really an embarrassment of riches here. I'm certainly partial, as I'm one of the founders, but probably the easiest one-stop way to get a sense of what's going on in Portland music-wise is to pick up a copy of the annual (since '04) PDX Pop Now! double-disc compilations of Portland music, which only cost $7 and can be found on cdbaby.com here. Happy hunting!


Thanx for the tip Cary; I'll be sure to check it out when I land.

Here's a tip for Alan, get out the 6 string and play along with Carl. The first bit is in the nabe of Dmaj ( open the first and third strings to get the changes ), then Amaj, Emaj, Gmaj for a few, then back to the D. I could imagine a pretty sweet solo at the break with the electric, it could use a little umph there to put it over the top. All open chords, easy enough, your kid'll love it.

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