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November 13, 2007



To be clear, they're not quite cracking down on the Rose Revolution--the Rose Revolution is what brought the current government to power in 2003. It got its name from a combination of flower symbology and the general peacefulness of the transition. This is bringing an end to the Rose Revolution by bringing an end to peaceful governance.

Still, those masks are terrifying. What could be more horrifying than walking across a wasteland strewn with corpses and running into a bunch of child survivors with ghastly Mickey Mouse gas masks over their faces?


And I thought Barminski came up with that idea.


Bonus points to Ken for posting this along with the Rev. Billy promotional plug! Definitely an image straight from one of his better rants. These are the guys who will come for your family when they detect you've illegally downloaded "The Little Mermaid" for your 4 yr. old.


It's Fort McClellan, actually. And they do have a PCB problem. I think for a while they were headed for Superfund. Not only do they have the PCB contamination, they have a massive chemical weapons incinerator there. Everyone within fifty mile or something has gasmasks. But there (supposedly) haven't been any leaks where the chemicals have gotten into the atmosphere.

A few years ago I went to what I thought would be an anti-war protest when Boosh came to Birmingham for a fundraising luncheon or somesuch. Instead everyone was protesting the fucking incinerator. And when I say "protest," I mean they were barely audible at a podium with a tiny PA in a park a few blocks from where the president was speaking. The worst part was a "play" they did where they had a Playskool playhouse with a woman inside pretending to be a small girl, a woman in tights who was apparently supposed to be chemicals leaking into the house and some asshole dressed as Jesus who I guess was a narrator. Pretty much all that happened was the "little girl" screamed for her mommy while the woman in tights crouched and postured underneath the window of the playhouse. The press was there for this too. It was horrible.

A month later, we were in Baghdad.


You say mickey mouse, but I say that the Georgian police are actually taking cues from a much more recent cultural phenomemon.

Compare if you will with the Combine Police from the shooter game Half Life 2

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